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Working With CCP Games
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When we started building MUD two years ago, our ambitions felt large at the time: would it be possible for people to build ambitious onchain applications fast? We had ourselves suffered from the complexity of the stack and the difficulty of building end-to-end applications while working on onchain games like Dark Forest and Ember. That stuff was hard and out of reach for most teams out there. If we built such a protocol, would we see other developers build on top of it to create plugins and mods? Would MUD finally deliver on Ethereum’s promise of easy composability?

Within the past two years — and two versions of MUD! — we’ve seen our ambitions pay off with an explosion of applications built on MUD: OPCraft, Sky Strife, words3,, Everlon, Primodium, This Cursed Machine, and more. MUD has proven to be the best framework for small teams looking to build a production-grade app easily.

So what about larger efforts? When we built MUD we built it first and foremost for ourselves: a small, scrappy team full of hackers looking to push the limit of what was possible to achieve onchain. But after tireless iteration, a massive progression from MUD v1 to v2, and an audit with Open Zeppelin, MUD evolved into something that works for everyone from small teams to large studios.

Enter CCP Games.

Over the last two years, we’ve gotten to know the CCP Games team, the company behind the massively successful MMO EVE Online. During 2022 we began working closely with CEO Hilmar Pétursson and his wider team on Project Awakening.

Project Awakening is a persistent space survival game, which demands the same technical capabilities as other MUD apps: a scalable way of building big applications onchain, a runtime-defined storage model that allows for iterations on logic and state after launch, and a deep support for modding and third-party clients.

Today we’re excited to officially announce that CCP Games is using MUD to build Project Awakening. MUD will give Project Awakening players and developers access to a new kind of virtual world with tooling for plugins and deep extensibility.

This collaboration marks a new era in MUD’s evolution. We’re thrilled to have Project Awakening using MUD.

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