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Sky Strife is Coming to Mainnet
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The time has come — on May 1st of this year, Sky Strife will be launching on Redstone Mainnet! The Race to Mainnet begins 🏁🔴🪨!

Back in late 2022, when development on Sky Strife first began, an Ethereum Mainnet launch felt like a distant and uncertain future. Although MUD had already unlocked our ability to create Sky Strife quickly and effectively, there still didn’t seem to be any way to feasibly build a game that was cheap to play, fun and fast-paced, and fully onchain. At the time, it felt like we had to choose two and forget the third. We started with fun and onchain and said we would figure out the cheap part later.

Then our team started working on Redstone — an L2 specifically made for onchain games and MUD worlds — and all the sudden we had a very real and tangible solution to complete the triangle.

Sky Strife trilemma before and after Redstone

With Redstone being finalized and launching to the public on May 1st, Sky Strife is ready to take it to the next level. The big question we have for Sky Strife is what that next level really looks like. Our Testnet Seasons already had an incredible community. How will we level it up for mainnet? 🤔

What is Sky Strife?

Sky Strife gameplay animation

Sky Strife is a fully onchain RTS that features fast-paced, strategic gameplay. It’s designed to be a truly fun onchain game.

What are seasons?

Sky Strife has been running “seasons” — periods of time in which we’ve been creating matches and having the game up and available to play 24/7 — on Redstone Testnet since November 27th, 2023. There were a total of four testnet seasons — Season 0, 0.1, 0.2, and 0.3.

  • Each season begins with a Season Pass mint in the style of a dutch auction.
    • The Season Pass grants access to exclusive features (private matches, exclusive maps and heroes, the ability to set entrance fees on your custom matches).
  • Matches are created from the Sky Pool on a regular schedule — some for all players, some for Season Pass holders.
  • When the season ends, the world remains the same and all 🔮 carry over but the Season Pass resets.

We will be following the same general structure for seasons in our Redstone Mainnet Launch.

What happened during the seasons?

One quirk of all of our testnet seasons were that they required Holesky ETH bridged to Redstone to play — and to purchase the Season Pass! Watching the community go wild over the mint, a testnet mint, was something to be remembered.

Sky Strife testnet minting stats

We also got to watch the community grow and become increasingly engaged with creating and facilitating their own matches.

Sky Strife testnet community stats

Most exciting of all, however, were the projects and events spearheaded by various members of the community. [WE], GGQuest, WASD, 1kx, and were highly active in contributing to the ecosystem and making it a more lively community to be a part of.

Sky Strife testnet community efforts

What next?


When Redstone Mainnet launches on May 1st, everything gets real. Get ready to fight for every last gold mine, tower, and 🔮 in a Mainnet environment where every transaction counts. Play tactically as each and every one of your actions will be etched forever into the blocks of Redstone.

We couldn’t be happier to be preparing Sky Strife to be played on Redstone Mainnet. It marks not only the release of the game, but also of Redstone and MUD which have made Sky Strife possible in the first place. Most importantly, we hope that what we’ve created offers a truly fun and engaging fast-paced experience onchain for our players.

The best way to stay up to date with the latest from Sky Strife, and the Lattice team in general, is through Discord (join here). If you want to get a hold of a cheap season pass, I’d join sooner rather than later…

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