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The Race to Mainnet
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🏁🔴🪨 The Race to Mainnet has begun.

After months of hard work, we have deployed Redstone Mainnet, the home for MUD applications and autonomous worlds. Now the real fun starts. Over the next four weeks of developer preview, the Redstone community will be deploying their projects onto Redstone, in preparation for the public launch on May 1st.

We couldn’t be more excited to share Redstone with you all. A little taste of what’s coming to Redstone in May:

  • Small Brain Games, the much-beloved developer of onchain games like words3,, and most recently Yonk, will be releasing a game for Redstone
  • This Cursed Machine, a "science-fiction body horror fulfillment center simulator” by Moving Castles, an indie studio based in Berlin
  • Sky Strife, a fully onchain RTS game built by the Lattice team, featuring fast-paced combat and tactical matches
  • Biomes, an “onchain Minecraft-like sandbox” by a team of digital physics aficionados and OPCraft fans
  • DEAR, a new game from ARPA Network, featuring whimsical pixel-based artwork and a struggle between good and evil
  • Downstream, an infinitely moddable MMO, and the "world's first Post Singularity Civilisation Simulator" built by Playmint
  • DF Ares, community-organized rounds of the beloved onchain game Dark Forest
  • GG Quest, an onchain gaming guild bringing quests, leaderboards, and progression to onchain games

During the Race to Mainnet, we’ll be sharing learnings and insights along the way. You’ll be treated with deep-dives into the final 30-day sprint, livestreams, and interviews with teams. We want to build as openly as possible during this period, and will be sharing our successes, as well as our struggles.

We built Redstone as a home for MUD applications and autonomous worlds. In collaboration with the Optimism team, we developed op-plasma, an Alt-DA protocol used by Redstone that allows you to store data on any DA solution, without requiring new forms of consensus outside of Ethereum. While MUD apps struggled to scale before, Redstone will enable those applications to go beyond what was previously possible.

To stay in touch, visit the Redstone Community site to follow the teams’ latest updates, join our Discord, or reach out if your game or application would like to join the Race to Mainnet.

The Race to Mainnet is a community effort, laser-focused on building a new generations of Autonomous Worlds. We wouldn’t be able to do it without all of the apps who are forging ahead with us, and making Redstone a reality.

Get ready for May 1st.

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