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About the role

Lattice is looking for a Senior Infrastructure Engineer. Candidates can expect some national and international travel (10-20%) for events, conferences, and team retreats.

To learn more about our team, visit our website, read our history and FAQs, or discover some of the onchain applications using our software today.

The Job

Run internal and external infrastructure in production for a large audience of passionate developers to realize our team’s vision of the next generation of ambitious onchain applications. This includes:

  • Geographically distributed low-latency indexers
  • Operating clusters of NATS, Postgres, Ethereum nodes
  • Ethereum networks (Geth, OP Stack, etc)
  • Managing k8s clusters at the edge.
  • Implementing GitOps and failovers for applications without best practices yet (Ethereum nodes, Rollup sequencers, etc)

Your Profile

  • Extensive experience as a Site Reliability or Infrastructure Engineer in a software company (bonus points if you have experience from large infrastructure providers like Vercel, Heroku, AWS, Digital Ocean, etc.)
  • Experience designing and operating large-scale, multi-region, multi-cloud production systems
  • Experience with container schedulers and runtimes such as Docker and Kubernetes


  • Competitive salary (175k+).
  • We have chosen to forgo VC funding and are well-funded via grants, which allows us to offer significantly above average equity compensation (0.5%+, depending on experience).
  • Premium private medical insurance in the UK, US, and other countries where available.
  • Flexible PTO with a high level of freedom and autonomy for your work. You receive a bonus if you take at least 25 days of PTO a year.
  • Paid travel - team on-sites in different parts of the world, several times a year.

About lattice

Lattice is building tools and infrastructure across the entire crypto stack - from L2s to applications - to make ambitious, complex, large-scale blockchain applications possible. Our goal is to take blockchain applications beyond just finance and speculation, to encompass playful use-cases such as games, virtual worlds, P2P consumer apps and social relationships. We want to transition Ethereum from a financial computer to its original ambition as the World Computer.

Our most major contribution so far is MUD. MUD is an onchain operating system for Ethereum. It is built as a micro-kernel, with its core module being an embedded relational database that replaces the traditional storage model of Ethereum. All of MUD is onchain and runs on the EVM. Countless onchain games use Lattice today, from our own projects like OPCraft and Sky Strife, to games like Primodium and Words3, to major venture-backed gaming companies currently in stealth, to the hundreds of teams using MUD in the recent ETHGlobal Autonomous Worlds hackathon.

We are a very small team of highly efficient engineers, have a low bureaucratic overhead and are focused on shipping code to production. We maintain short cycles that makes code we write reach a strong grass root community of developers almost immediately.

our team

Lattice is currently 13 people living across North America and Europe, with 5 based in our London office.

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